Quality Policy

Work to serve life means to be a company committed to providing the technology effectiveness and its continuous improvement.

Our policy is based on understanding and meeting the expectations and requirements of our clients and employees through the following objectives:

  • Offer quality in our products, services and customer care;
  • Develop technological solutions, provide support and run processes that meet the clients’ expectations;
  • Promote the technological and cultural development in Hospitals, Universities, Medical Entities and Governmental Bodies;
  • Improve the company’s competitiveness and productivity;
  • Encourage the communication, the motivation and the participation among employees and shareholders to meet the clients’ needs;
  • Provide a safe, organized, clean and nice environment to improve the employees’ performance;
  • Support our suppliers and partners’ development;
  • Contribute for the Nature and Environment preservation;
  • Expand the community’s involvement;
  • Comply with the applicable legal requirements.
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